Vision of the Seven Winds

The first rendition of this will be the vision with notes, if you want to see just the vision without notes, it will be at the bottom. This was a very powerful vision that I received from God. I was not able to sleep until I told the vision to someone else I was told to tell it to. I was also in a great amount of pain until I did so, the vision was for both of us, and I had to tell him what it meant. I won’t go into detail here about what it means, but if you know what it is, then the Holy Spirit has spoken to you, please say so, if you think you know what it means, feel free to let me know.

“Eight winds tore through the lands, Seven winds came before the eighth wind (when I saw this scene I saw a storm tearing though a wheat field, like it was collecting the wheat, and the last wind behind the seven was destroying the land).

The first wind came and it was like blood and warfare, and the color of this wind was red (When this wind came I saw an angel standing with a flaming sword in his hand, wearing some old school armor, and he was standing in front of a scene of war in the desert, and everything was tinted red, aside from him, though his armor was red. The wind streaks across the scene were very powerful, indicating his power).

The next wind came and was like a raging storm, and the color of this wind was blue/grey (This one also had an angel standing in front of it holding a double edged Katana, or so it looked like that, and he was not wearing any visible armor, but instead robes. The scene was of a massive and powerful storm on a coast like, the waves crashed heavy, and the wind streaks were also very powerful, just like the first one).

The third wind came and it was like a healing balm, and its color was light blue (there was no background image for this wind, but instead a female angel was there, and she looked kind and caring, and she was smiling. This is the only part of the vision where I was not in extreme amounts of pain, instead, during this part, I felt no pain at all, only comfort, the wind streaks here were very gentle, like a relaxing breeze).

Another wind came and it was like something that was very hard (like marble), and the color of this wind was velvet (I know, that isn’t a color, but God said it, not me. This one had a background like stone, or marble, and there was a female angel there, and she held two daggers, her wind streaks were also powerful, but not as strong as the first two, none of the rest were).

The next two winds were like one another, and one was gold, and the other silver (when I saw this the golden one had a large axe, and the silver one was singing, and they stood back to back, and the gold one had powerful wind streaks across his panel, and the silver one was a female angel singing).

The next wind came and it was like one that pierced the hearts of men, and the color of this wind was green (This one had an angel standing in front of the sun and firing arrows of light at men who were running from him, all the men were shadow like, and he hit each on in the heart, his wind streaks were also powerful).

After these winds came, the final wind came and it was not like the others that had come before, it was like sulfur and destruction followed in its wake. It churned in on itself constantly and destroyed itself, and the color of this wind was yellow, and it was a wind of evil. (when this one came I was in great pain. There was no one being that stood in front of this wind, but rather it was like many beings, like fallen angels. The wind was yellow and black, and was literally churning into itself, and I could hear the breaking and snapping of bones. I could feel it’s evil, and it was like the first two in terms of how powerful it was.)

The next is a repeat of the former, without the notes in it:

Eight winds tore through the lands, Seven winds came before the eighth wind. The first wind came and it was like blood and war fare, and the color of this wind was red. The next wind that came and it was like a raging storm, and the color of this wind was blue/grey. The third wind came and it was like a healing balm, and the color of this wind was light blue. Another wind came and it was like something that was very hard, and the color of this wind was velvet. The next two winds that came were like one another, and one was gold, and the other silver. The next wind came and it was like one that pierced the hearts of men, and the color of this wind was green. After these winds came, the final wind came and it was not like the others that had come before, it was like sulfur and destruction followed in its wake. It churned in on itself constantly and destroyed itself, and the color of this wind was yellow, and it was a wind of evil.”   That is the Vision of the Seven Winds   -Phantom Dream Sword


Spiritual Warfare

I had a dream from God on 1-14-2015 concerning spiritual warfare and the coming of end times.

I stood in a group of people that formed a semi circle. I knew a few of the people in the group, but not all of them, and I am not sure how many were among us. The sky above was cloudy and dark, as if a storm was about to begin. As we looked up, the clouds began to light up, or rather, a bright white light came through the clouds. It was Christ on a white horse, and as He landed before us, a great white throne came down as well. A dear friend of mine, who stood next to me, spoke of the great white throne judgement. People began to ask the Lord if it was time to go, if He was there to take us all away. The Lord looked at me, and gave me the words to speak. I said, ” No, now is not the time to leave, it’s the time to fight. Our war is against Lucifer and his minions!” The Lord nodded and turned to face the opposite way, and thrust forth a sword, as if to say “Charge!”.

This was a strong dream, and the Lord gave me a sense of the end times, and an urge to begin hardcore Spiritual Warfare. The time is now!

Some one reached out to me (as you may see in the comments) with a very similar dream. His was earlier in the year, here is a link to it Prepared for Battle.

The Ark of the Covenant


The following is a dream I had of the arch of the covenant, and heaven. This dream is shorter than the others, but has a strong meaning. While it is open for you to say what you want of what it might mean, do understand that I don’t seek its meaning. I have already understood what it is supposed to mean. That does not mean that there isn’t more to it however, and your views are welcome as always.


“In this dream I was in the temple in heaven. Incense smoke filled the air, and a glorious light shone through the windows. I was looking to an area I can only describe as a hallway, though it was more open than a hallway would be. In this hallway I saw two people, dressed in dark robes, carrying the Ark of the Covenant on their shoulders. The two angels on top were missing. They carried it out of my sight, but it was made known that they were taking it somewhere God had instructed them to take it. The beings who carried it were Michael and Gabriel.”


Though this is a rather short dream, it had a great meaning to me. If you have thoughts on it, please share them!


-Phantom Dream Sword

Dreaming of Mars



This isn’t a single dream, but rather a string of dreams, ones I keep having, and while they are all different, they all have something in common. I am on Mars and it is either terraformed, or in the process of being terraformed. And in each one I am either involved, or the leader of the project. More recently I was on an abandoned, mostly terraformed, Mars and was trying to stop something to do with nukes. The land had been devastated by some massive event, and only skeletons of cities remained. I was not in a human form, as I could destroy the nukes and stand in the blast and survive. During this trip, two people, both female, were sent to stop me. They were under the impression they were saving the world. When I had explained to them there would be no return trip, that they were sent to die, they stopped trying to keep me from my task, and even asked for my help.


In one of my earlier dreams we were near completion of the terraforming process. Something odd was going on though, something we couldn’t understand. It was as though we had awoken an ancient evil on Mars, one that had been locked away, by bringing the planet back to life. During the night rain began to fall, and this was a sign that we had brought Mars back to life. I went outside without a suit or mask and survived, no pain, though it was cold. After I had finished celebrating, I went beyond the fenced in area where we had been, into the wild open Mars. It was night, and there was little light aside from the halogen lamps we had, that were all focused on the main building, so a little reflected past the fence. I was walking around when I suddenly saw part of the ground begin to rise up, it moved along, making a line in the ground, whatever it was, and stopped. I had made sure to arm myself, as I felt something odd had been going on, with a sword. I thrust the sword into the area where it had stopped moving. The dream ended.

The first dream I had of Mars is perhaps the strangest and yet most interesting of all. We were a small group of people whose intent it was to escape the world and all its evils. We had little technology, but didn’t need much, the land became habitable when we got there, as if by an act of God. There was an ocean that came rolling in, and the air was wonderful, it was amazing. The only thing left to do was to activate the core. For that, there were several powerful magnets orbiting that were given power, when they moved, the core began to work again. It was the most amazing feeling, and the only way I feel I can describe it is as if one were in a new fresh world.


That is a basic run down of it, but for some reason I dream of Mars more and more now a days, and have an amazing fascination with it. Please feel free to share your thoughts on it, and let me know if you have had a similar experience.


The following dream comes after the events of the Heaven dream, and corresponds to it. I already know the meaning, but I am willing to hear your thoughts/interpretations as well, as always. Please feel free to share. I cannot guarantee that I will like or agree with what you say, but I will value your opinion, you are, after all, entitled to it.

“I stood before the stair case that ascended to the upper floor of our house. It was different though; it was a spiritual stair case, one that led me to heaven, a place I knew I didn’t belong. I began to climb it, and when I reached the top, I was in a hallway. I turned the corner in the hallway and saw, at the end of it, heaven. I was excited because I wanted to go back; I wanted to be in that place once more. I rushed forward without thought, and suddenly, I found myself falling. Faster and faster I fell as the image of heaven disappeared before my eyes. Suddenly, and much to my dismay, I found myself sitting in a dimly lit room, with dingy walls. It was a small room, and the floor was, for the most part, a thick liquid that was extremely murky. I suddenly began to sink into the liquid, and realized that it was deeper than I had at first thought. It wasn’t cold, but rather, it was very hot. I began to panic, and to make matters worse, I saw something large, scaly, and black, slithering in the water around me. I began to try and swim for the only dry land I saw before me, a small raised corner of the room, with a door. On the strip of land I saw a creature, black as night, holding out a hand to help me out. I took its hand and felt myself being pulled up from the depths.

I was on land. Relieved, I turned and thanked the odd creature. It had no mouth, yet still it spoke saying ‘open the door to your freedom’. I didn’t think twice, that thing in the water could come up at any moment and I couldn’t see where it was, so I quickly grabbed the handle and opened the door. There was a small hallway, and I quickly darted into it. Much to my shock the hallway went no more than three feet and then came to a stop. I began to panic, not because I had been lied to, but because now I noticed that the liquid, whatever it was, had began to rise, and had already started flooding into the hallway. As it rose I began to lose all ability to move, and when it got to my neck I could hardly breathe. With what little strength I had left I cried out to God, begging Him to save me from this hell.


Before I was consumed by the liquid and lost forever it was all drained away. The beasts were gone, and two of the walls had disappeared. Before me stood Christ, surrounded by little children, enveloped in light. He looked to me and said, ‘if you promise to love me, and to follow me and abandon your evil ways I will save you’. The choice was mine, I could stay in darkness and avoid the light, or I could go with Him and have paradise. I chose the latter.”


It would be good to note at this point that I have been a Christian my entire life, so it wasn’t new to me to know to follow Christ, but doing so in words only is not what it means to truly be saved.


-Phantom Dream Sword


Link for the picture I used



Heaven and God

The following dream has to do with what I was shown of Heaven. It was not straight forward though, and therefore has some room to interpret if you so choose. To me, the meaning is clear, but if you feel you understand something about it that I may have missed, please feel free to comment.

“I stood before a great, square, stone tower with no walls, but pillars on each corner, supporting the floors. Christ stood before me, and when I set eyes upon Him I knew at once that I was not supposed to be there, I did not deserve to be there. Feeling I had done wrong by being there, I cried out to the Lord, asking why I was there. He didn’t speak, but instead turned to the tower, and with great speed, began to ascend the stairs. I frantically followed him, calling after him, and begging to know what was going on. When we reached the top He turned to me and spoke.

‘You need to seek the Father. I have much to do, to prepare.’ And in a flash of light, He was gone.

Confused, I began to descend the stairs. Upon one of the platforms, on my way down, I saw an Angel. I went onto the platform and asked him about what Christ had said to me. The only words he spoke to me were ‘You need to wake up’. I tried to ask him what that meant, but he did not respond to me. A few moments later I awoke.

I know that he did not mean to literally wake up, but rather to wake up spiritually, but I would not understand that until a later dream that I was given. As always, your thoughts are welcome.


-Phantom Dream Sword

Two Warriors

As my first post in this blog I feel it is good for me to make a note that while all dreams are open to interpretation, these ones have already had meaning revealed. Now does that mean that more meaning can’t be taken from them? No. It does, however, mean that they have a certain significance and meaning to me, and to certain others who will understand them. I do, however, look forward to your views on them and what you may think/believe they mean.

This first dream came to me when I was younger, in my teens.

I saw it from a first person perspective, and so when writing the dream I will be using myself to reference who I am seeing through. For example,if I say “I looked to my left and saw a man drowning”, this does not mean that it is me in the dream, but I will, for the time being, treat it as if it were.


“Before me was a flat landscape like a field, to the left was an ocean, the right of me and open field, behind me there was a sheer cliff.  Beside me stood another man, both of us were armed with swords and were were dressed in brown robes. There were people in front of us running in our direction, not to us, but rather out of fear of what lay behind them. Behind the people was a large sulfuric cloud that stretched over the land and part of the sea. From it issued lightning, thunder, and large fire balls. As the people ran, the lightning struck around them, and the fire rained down on them.

The man next to me and I started to run in the direction of the cloud, swords at the ready. As we ran, we saw one man running into the water, stumbling, trying to escape. We looked up and saw one of the fire balls headed straight for him, so we rushed to his aid and pulled him to safety before the fire ball struck. We knew we needed to hurry and do something about the cloud so that the people could escape. They were all running for the cliff though, with no chance of getting out unless they changed direction. Knowing this, I put my hand up in front of the cloud and said ‘We need to stop it’. As I said these words I used some power I had to still the could, it was encased in what can best be described as a force field. After I was able to block it, we continued to run.

Now I was more strained than before, as I was still holding the cloud back. As we drew closer we had to climb a hill, at the top of it were ruins. What the ruins were I do not know, but when we reached them I fell to my knees and thrust my sword down, unable to press on. At that point I was struck down, as was the man with me.

This was not the end however. In the dream I awoke and was in the kitchen of my house. My father was getting my sister ready for school, the TV was going on frantically about some kind of news that I could not understand, and no one noticed I was there. Then, my mother, who had passed away, spoke to me and told me to come up to her, she was in a place that did not exist in that house at that time. When I reached her the dream ended.”


This is the dream of the Two Warriors.


-Phantom Dream Sword